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The state-of-the-art technology for peeling and transdermal painless delivery of active ingredients

JET-M technology

JET-M Technology is based on the emission of a supersonic bi-phase jet made of micro-droplets of cosmetics that is accellerated to a very high speed.

The Jet produced by the unique patented hand-piece reaches the skin at 200 metres/second creating a barophoresis. This means that in the point of contact, temporary micro-channels open, thus allowing an immediate and effective penetration of the active ingredients delivered.

All this with no needles, with no pain and no downtime. The Jet in fact produces a pleasant sensation of freshness and a very relaxing and invigorating massage. 

It is scientifically demonstrated that the barophoresis produced by JET-M technology allows the penetration of the actives up to 1.4 mm after only 30 seconds of infusion.

With JET-M the skin is carefully exfoliated, purifyed, deeply hydrated and moisturized and looks incredibly glowing immediately after the first session.

JET-M can be used both for aesthetic face and body treatments and for scalp and hair procedures.

In AESTHETICS, for face and body treatments, JET-M provides linfodrainage; exfoliation (hyrdodermabrasion with light serums or chemical peeling with glycolic or mandelic acids), transdermal delivery/infusion of active ingredients for skin renewal, rejuvenation and whitening. Offering great results on acne prone and oily skins as well.

In TRICHOLOGY, for scalp and hair care, JET-M combines 3 treatments in one: deep and careful purifying scalp cleaning, revitalization of micro-circulation, delivery of active ingredients that trigger regenerative process for thicker and glowing hair. This treatment is particularly refreshing and pleasant.

The Serum for Jet-M

Jet Solution is the innovative line of serums specifically developed for JET M, a complete range of products targeting: 

  • peeling (light, medium or deep)
  • skin renewal
  • bio-rejuvenation
  • skin antioxidant
  • skin tightening
  • skin whitening
  • acne prone & oily skin
  • couperose & sensitive skin

The original patented hand-pieces for Jet-M

The patented hand-pieces make this technology unique in the world.

Their particular conformation allow to “break” liquids in micro droplets that are sprayed from nozzles having a diameter of only few microns. The accelleration at a supersonic speed of this micro-jet, made of  micro-droplets ensure a deep penetration into deep layers of the skin.

Training Courses

We offer training courses either in your Center or in our Headquarter in Milano in order to:

  • teach you the method that will allow you to get the best results from your device
  • show you the protocols and the correct use of the serums and hand-pieces.



    Technical Assistance

    We check the condition of your device and provide the necessary technical  assistance when needed.


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