for professional and home care use

Available in two sizes:

250 ml bottle
500 ml airless bottle with adjustable dispenser

Gel Cream for Professional Massage

Precious Wave Redenshape has a fondant TEXTURE that provides a hydrating and velveting finish on the skin. With the heat generated during the massage it turns into a gel allowing a long and pleasant play time.

Precious Wave Redenshape is also suitable for HOME CARE use as ultra toning body cream.
Enriched with nourishing and firming functional active ingredients, PreciousWave Redenshape has a special formulation that allows a long and comfortable massage movement and provides an extremely pleasant enveloping sensation and a velveting and ultra hydrating firming effect.

Specifically designed and developed FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.
Also suitable FOR HOME CARE USE in order to maintain the treatments results



Redensifies and restructures the dermal layer. Stimulates cell renewal and fibroblasts. Brightens skin texture. Provides immediate and long lasting hydration.

Specifically formulated with active ingredients targeting a correct toning of the tissues: 





A nourishing and hydrating cream, leaving a velvet finish on the skin. Its particular TEXTURE, that after some minutes, with heat, turns into gel, allows a long play time and continuous massage movement without need to add further product during the session. Its special formulation makes it a product with a good value for money because a small amount of product is needed to perform a full treatment.


Precious Wave Redenshape has been structured in order to withstand the heat, thanks to the polymer gel network that is resistant to temperature rise and frictions due to massage movements.

Its molecular structure therefore remains unchanged even during a strong massage friction and heat.


Its enveloping texture makes MASSAGE a totally new and pleasant experience for the client. After few minutes, with heat turns into a gel, allowing long play time and continuous massage movement without need to add further product during the session.
Nourishing but not oily, it leaves the skin hydrated and with a silk touch effect. In particular the Plankton Extract contained in the formula, provides an improvement of skin tone to obtain a slender neck and a more defined shaped face and body.


The importance of obtaining skin toning through active ingredients that target cell renewal and the correct stimulation of fibroblasts.
Precious Wave contains two main classes of functional active ingredients:

  • A combination of Glycogen and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. These two actives work sinergically to tone and redensify the dermal layer.
  • A toning Plankton Extract that acts like a personal trainer and acts on mitochondria activating them and mimics an aerobic exercise session to redefine contours.
The particular low molecular weight of HYALURONIC ACID is essential to the formula, as well as the carriers that push it in the layers where it targets the proper and right response. Silanols are also added to the formula. The molecule of Silanetriol potentiates the anti-aging effect of HA and also its bioavailability and its penetration into the skin. It targets the renewal of the epidermal matrix and provides a filler effect since it stimulates the production of “self” hyaluronic acid.

GLYCOGEN in the formula works in prefect sinergy with the hyaluronic acid. This pure Glycogen (Homopolymer of α-D-Glucopyranose) is a natural ingredient, isolated and purified with no chemical process. Safe and biodegradable, naturally occurring in our body, recognized by cells as a source of energy, increasing cellular metabolism. This active ingredient penetrates human skin to depths corresponding to the dermal layer, enhancing metabolism and promoting the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, essential for a healthy skin.

Helps visibly improving, healing, restoring, rebounding, recovering skin relief and color disorders, and smoothening skin.
Provides an immediate and longlasting hydrating effect.

The PLANKTON EXTRACT in the formula is highly functionalizing. It is obtained through biotechnological processes from a micro organism (plankton extract = Bacullis/Soybean Ferment Extract) deriving from a sponge (Dysidea etheria) living in the Bermuda island.

This plankton extract is a Low molecular weight substance (optimal penetration action) containing peptidic and glucidic material that mimics the effect of endurance exercise training to improve skin tone and obtain redefined contours.


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